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Roman Coin Hook Earrings


Sorry, this pair of coin earrings is no longer available. However, we may another similar pair soon.

This pair of dangling earrings feature two different but similar ancient Imperial Roman bronze coins, dating to between 1st - 4th century AD, and found in Yugoslavia.

We've had them hand set into Sterling Silver for us in Indonesia, with a fixed lockable hook (that crosses the back of the coin to add extra integrity to the hook.)

Avoid polishing the coin (you'll only remove its age) but you can carefully use a dry Silver Polishing Cloth to bring up the highlights on the silver. Don't use liquids or cream polishes.

I haven't chased the identity of these two Emperors but that will allow you the pleasure of the hunt.

Age: 1st - 4th Century AD, silver contemporary.

Size: H 32 mm x W 18 mm (coin only 16 mm x 18 mm)

Weight: 13 grams