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Roman Glass Cross Bead

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This flat square Roman Glass bead has a green and yellow striped band enclosing a yellow field with a terra cotta and white cross radiating from a blue square. The cross may (or may not) denote Christianity, but might only be an incidental pattern.

The term "Roman Glass" is more easily understood as "Roman Period Glass" and is not necessarily from Rome but from somewhere in the Empire more usually from Syria and the Middle East. The glass making tradition continued in these countries after the rise of Islam in the 7th Century, and from then it is known as "Islamic Glass" on through to the 15th Century.

This bead is said to be from Mesopotamia.

I wouldn't actually wear this piece as a bead as it is too fragile for general wear, you might get it set in silver or gold as a pendant but I doubt it would cope with the knocks a finger ring would get.  

Age: Circa 200 AD - 650 AD

Size: L 13 mm x W 11 mm x D 4 mm

Weight: 1 gram