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Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Necklace.

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This gentle but joyous necklace combines groups of coloured stones, which have been handfaceted in India, then strung for us by a friend in Thailand with small plain, sterling silver spacer beads, rings and a round bolt ring at the back.

These delightfully, mildly coloured, sometimes cloudy stones are actually Indian Rubies (possibly Burmese), Sapphires, Emeralds (possibly African) and Citrines, they're obviously not "brilliant" stones of top quality as some have clouds and veins of translucence, with interior flaws and even crystal "flashes" where the light is caught and turned into prisms. But these are said to be real and I'm told they're not dyed, but on handling them everyone just seems to want them for their colour. (As a guide the Rubies have a slightly milky Garnet feel and the Sapphires look like Iolites, but that's just to give you a hint.)

We've used durable multi stranded Tiger Tail to thread them, which is the strongest we can get, however DON'T stretch or scrunch it as you can irreparably kink it if you do.

The sterling silver beads are young and still shiny, however when they do start to oxidize they will respond well to a gentle polishing (of each bead whilst holding the stones on either side firmly) with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" but don't bend or stretch it by rubbing too hard.


Age: Contemporary

Size: L 444 mm x W 4 mm. (Largest bead 4 mm, smallest 3 mm.)

Weight: 16 grams.