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Seljuk Bronze Lion

Sorry, this wonderful little lion is no longer available.

A sleek, feline bronze 'lion" from the Seljuk Empire that spanned a lot of Central Asia (roughly centred in Persia) in the 11th - 12th Centuries AD. 

It's free standing as is, but with it's bent hind legs I think it may have have lent back on it's haunches with it's front paws raised to sit upon something (the paws are complete and show no sign of having been attached to a base/bowl etc.) 

Cast in the "lost wax" technique, first sculpted in beeswax then incised with the intertwining decorative designs before casting.

The bronze (Islamic pieces are usually brass, but this piece has a reddish tone) has a mid to dark patina and areas of rich red/bronze patinated warmth. These tones reflect the polished surfaces and incised patterns beneath the coating of oxide.

These patinas have taken a long time to build up, SO DON'T POLISH IT, you will only be removing it's age and also devaluing it in doing so.

Age: Circa 11th - 12th Century

Size: L 75 mm x H 25 mm x W 15 mm

Weight: 71 grams