AUD $240.00

Pakistani, Silver and Glass Choker.

A superb old silver choker, (torc) with a punched pattern of diamonds, bon bons and scallopped edges tapering to reinforced peacock neck terminals at the back of the neck.

In the centre, an old red mirrored glass with a flat surface and broadly bevelled edges, sits brooding like a drop of blood caught under a glass slide.
This glass appears mirror backed or it may be the traditional substitute, coloured foil under glass.
Whichever, with age some of the colour has detached adding to the visual interest of the stone, now looking like very old peeling mirror.

This red would represent blood, the life force and offered protection from the Evil Eye.

The silver is set to shape and doesn’t stretch, so don’t try to open it that way.
You gently lift one side whilst lowering the other, at a minimum opening turn it sideways and slide it vertically onto the neck, avoid over opening it, once it’s on some slight correction should rebalance it.

Sadly, not for a very large neck, check measurements, and you need a litle space for it to drop into place.
The interior space is 122 mm x 122 mm.

It has a lovely patina, so try not to polish it, but if you must, do it gently with a dry Silver Polishing cloth.
But be careful there are traces of red lacquer in some of the recesses and these add to the charm feel of the piece.

I’m not sure where it’s from, probably Pakistan, Nuristan, Kohistan come to mind, even Swat where torcs even turn up carved into their wooden doors and furniture.

But we’ve had it a while now and I still haven’t found a reference to it, if I wait till I find it, you may never get the chance to wear it!

So here it is.

Age: Early 20th Century.

Size: H 178 mm x W 170 mm

Weight: 98 grams.