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Silver "Islamic Glass" Ring

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An engraved silver ‘signet ring" from Persia, set with an old “Islamic Glass” Bead.
(There’s a distinct possibility that this is a 19th Century Venetian Trade bead, the debate continues though, sometimes heatedly.)

High grade silver, possibly approaching Sterling but not stamped, as you would expect for an Iranian ring.

A raised rectangular bezel has been engraved with scrolling vines flanked with traditional leaping Gazelles. (or possibly horses as the heads are rather equine?)

The old bead is very worn and pitted, producing a restrained matte surface to the yellow, terra cotta, white and deepest blue eyes and marbling.

(Similar to Venetian Glass “mille fiore” without the flowers. Opinions differ on this one, and old Venetian Trade Beads are also highly collectable. These were traded worldwide for about 400 years and come in many forms and styles. They are now sought out in Africa, South America, Central and South East Asia, retrieved from the Tribes and highly prized, articles, books and magazines devoting many columns to them.)

This bead is much older than the relatively recent silver work, Islamic Glass is recognized as dating back as far as 1,000 AD, before which it’s described as Roman.

Age: Post 1,000 AD. to about mid 19th Century.

Size: “M +” (US 17)

Weight: 14 grams.