AUD $380.00

Sulemani Agate Bead

A long striped Sulemani Agate (Solomon's Agate) bead gently swelling in the centre with fine diagonal bands of Deep Umber,Tobacco and White. (Who ever cut this bead, did so sensitively and chose to place the bands so that each end and the middle are dark and defined by the fine White and Tobacco bands.)

Known as "Don Son" beads, it is thought they were made and traded from India, circa 700BC - 200 AD, then distributed widely,  this one has come from Cambodia.

It seems they are named "Sulemani Agates" (Solomon's Agates) as part of the legend of their having been mined in "King Solomon's Mines" which has added to their exotic, mysterious origins when traded. (and to their magic protective qualities and value.)


 Age: Circa 700BC - 200 AD

Size: L 54 mm x Thickness 8 mm (hole 1.5 mm)

Weight: 7 grams