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Sulemani Agate Necklace

A neckace of mixed brown and white banded or striped Sulemani Agates (Solomon's Agates aka Suleimani Agates)  The  central feature bead is unusual in that it is smaller than its neighbours ... that's because I find it exceptional and I wanted to draw attention to it. It is natural stone, however the white lines are interrupted as you would normally only find in wound glass ! Throughout this neck are a range of stripes, chevrons and bands of Deep Umber,Tobacco, Fawn and White. 

It's all about the beauty of Natures stripes and patterns, obviously each bead will have its own individual character. There are a few exceptional stones in this neck, personal favourites of mine, enjoy admiring them.

These agates have been mined in Gujurat and Aghanistan for thousands of years and were cut in the Indus Valley and traded to Mesopotamia and the Himalayas even Tibet as the earliest natural stone "dZi" beads. Cut one way you get stripes, cut the other you get "eyes" which were highly sort after for protection against the evil eye. Later the Indus Valley developed techniques for bleaching, etching and staining designs and "eyes" into the stones, thereby creating the multi eyed "dZi" beads that are so sort after now in Tibet and the Himalayas.       

It seems they are named "Sulemani Agates" (Solomon's Agates) as part of the legend of their having been mined in "King Solomon's Mines" which has added to their exotic, mysteriously far distant origins when traded by Arabs across the Indian Ocean to the Middle East and Africa. (and adding to their Religious and therefore their magic protective qualities and value.)

We've threaded these stones, some of which are softly shiny whilst others are worn and matte, with dull matte 8mm black onyx between them on a strong "tiger tail" thread. This thread is very durable unless you bend it or stretch it ... so don't do either !

The fob is handmade sterling silver from Indonesia.


 Age: Late 20th and early 21st Century, some may be older.

Size: L 505 mm x Thickness 14 mm 

Weight: 96 grams