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Swat Valley, Double Silver & Glass Choker.

Sorry, this impressive choker is no longer available. We may however have other similar ones on site.

A woman’s “coin silver” choker , with two tapered, twisted arms decorated with rosettes and inset red “white heart” glass Trade Beads and a raised oval centre, from the Swat Valley, Pakistan.

The centre has two opposing broad twists, these have worn smooth with only the outer edge of the applied detail worn off the outer edges, where the plain tapered arms attach.
The silver has a warm grey tone with a dusty build up of age and patina in the recesses around the applied rosettes and discs.
The two large red “white heart” Trade Beads have been set on end to show both the burgundy outer layer and the opaque white glass core.(This process makes the more expensive red glass, coloured with gold, go further and look richer. In this case it would also have been done to create an Eye, for all the usual reasons.)

You could if you want, give it a light polish with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth, to bring up a good contrast in the silver.
We’ve left it unpolished, so you can judge its age by its patina as well as wear.

The “coin silver” appears to be of the good quality, possibly between 80 to 90% silver, just slightly darker and harder than Sterling, it therefore takes longer to wear down.
This is relevant if you look closely at the loops at the ends of the arms these are very, very worn.
(one has worn right through and the other is about to.)

In good solid condition, the opening measures 86 mm, so it’s quite wearable for most people, the circle is large so if it can go on it will comfortably sit with lots of room.

There is not a lot of stretch to these, so don’t try !

It shouldn’t be difficult but a slight stretch, then relax, raise your chin and approach from the side, touch the back of the neck and swing the gap in an arch towards your throat. It’s surprisingly easy if it’s going to happen.

There are examples of other similar torques on pages 102 -105, “The Arts and Crafts of the Swat Valley.” by Johan Kalter. T&H 1991.

Where he states that the centre of production for rings (and therefore I’d assume chokers) is Khwazakhela, and that the matrices (or stamps) used to make applied decorations are made in Multan, further to the south east in Pakistan.
Perhaps this is where our “Jewellers Stamps” were made, to see them try searching for stamps.

I find the comparison with Ancient Celtic Torques quite fascinating, although they tended to be gold.

We may still have a few similar pieces, to see them try searching for "choker" on this site.

Age: Early/Mid 20th Century.

Size: H 175 mm X W 178 mm.

Weight: 257 grams.