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Uzbek, Coral & Silver Hoops.

Sorry, these hoops are no longer available.

Here are a classic pair of "khalkai mardjon" Silver Hoop Earrings with "loop on loop" chain dangles set with Genuine "Red Coral" tubes. (These Corals have a rich red/orange tone.)

The hoops are half filled in with a palmette or "peacocks tail" of filigree and granulated silver rising from the base, the tapering ear wire it self measures about 1.2 mm ( which is about 16 gauge) at its widest. 

Rather than damage this hoop with excessive opening and closing. Try just disengaging it then open it slightly sideways, insert in your ear, then slide it back sideways to lock it. This way the hoop remembers it is a circle and returns to its original position happily.


They currently have quite a nice patina, but aren't really very old, maybe a few decades, perhaps. If you decide to polish them, then do it gently using a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" when necessary, just to bring up the highlights.

I think these are fairly new, probably made either in Uzbekistan or by Uzbek refugees living in Northern Afghanistan.

The coral may be old, and a couple of the tubes are slightly chipped. But the other pairs we've got are not real Coral so that only makes these more special.

I've also seen these listed as Tajik and also classic Bukharan (Uzbek) we're not talking large distances here so take your pick.

Age: Contemporary.

Size: H 66 mm x W 37 mm.

Weight: 21 grams.