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Tajik, Old Coral and Silver Earrings.

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    A pair of old silver Tajik earrings, with a hollow box-like silver unit with punched designs applied and faded old Red Coral.

The old hook (is not thick, and even though I’ve filed it, is a little sharp, so be careful) is more recent than the rest, as it was once a unit in a much larger neck or headpiece, all the twists and coral are real.

They are light and easy to wear and carry a genuine age to them both in colour/patina and small knocks and dents, as you would expect.

The coral beads have a slightly faded, aged tone which is exactly what we’re looking for in old pieces, like these.

Collected in Afghanistan in the late 1970’s or early 80’s.

The general feel is almost Yemini or Tuareg, but I’ve seen them used as units in Tajik pieces.

Age: Early 20th Century.

Size: H 82 mm x W 19 mm.

Weight: 8 grams.