AUD $240.00

Tajik, Recycled Snuff Bottle.

A cast clear glass “snuff” bottle, made from a recycled perfume bottle, with an embossed silver throat, and an ornate Silver, Old Coral and Turquoise stopper.
With an internal screw to lock, the hole is quite large.

But that’s so it can hold a long twisted silver spoon for use when inhaling Tobacco Snuff.

The six sided clear glass perfume bottle has received a dusting of fine scratches and any crisp edges have been rounded over time. It’s very comfortable in the hand about the size of a grenade, ironically.

I think its origin is somewhere in Europe or Russia, sometime in the nineteenth or early twentieth century, as it has an almost “Deco” feel, (on its base there’s an embossed numeral “17” and a small “S” inside a diamond lozenge, these may help to identify it) and it has found its way out along the Silk Route, traded probably into Tajikistan.

That’s assuming the chunky spiral silver work on the lid is Tajik, it certainly looks it, inset as it is with old Red Coral and Turquoise beads. Then again those mulberries on the throat turn up in Kazaksthan, and Uzbek silver smiths moved around, too.
The screw top is a little lose, so I wouln’t trust it to hold expensive perfume.

We also have another bottle, an Uzbek or Chinese dark brown glass bottle with an internal screw missing its top and spoon, see also SB112.

Interesting to read that snuff (like coffee) was originally frowned on for it’s ecstatic qualities.
Pope Urban VIII, threatened to excommunicate Snuff takers, because he felt that induced sneezing was too close to sexual orgasm to be tolerated.
Our “Bless You” following a sneeze is said to be “Plague” related, but also stops the Devil taking us during the moment of death, as the heart skips a beat when we sneeze.

Age: 19 th or early 20 th Century.

Size: H 98 mm X D 62 mm

Weight: 170 grams.