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Tekke Turkoman, Gilt Silver Earrings

Sorry, this pair of earrings is no longer available. But check we may still have a very similar pair.

A pair of very wearable partially “gilt” silver dangling earrings, made by Turkoman Silversmiths now working in Northern Afghanistan.

Set with “cabachon” teardrop Carnelians and imitation Turquoises.
The style of gilding leads me to call these Tekke Turkoman, but they may be in the style of, whatever the case, they look good.

The ear hook is a normal wearable thickness, and they aren’t heavy.

These are a high grade silver, although not stamped they’re possibly even Sterling.

As such, and with the thinner earwires one can assume they were made for the West, normally this might be considered negative.

But all the better for us to be able to wear them comfortably.

And on another level, by buying these we are not only supporting living Silver Smiths, but also encouraging them to work in traditional styles and techniques.
Therefore creating a continuance for their culture, which is being smothered by the seductions of the Modern World.
Now settled in towns and villages traditional nomads are more and more being seduced by the now, for modern, and abandoning their distinguishing traditions as old fashioned.
All to often they’re happily aspiring to glitzy mass produced, even machine made, gold pieces from India.

Perfect for either general wear, or classy belly dancing!

Age: Contemporary

Size: H 80 mm x W 34 mm

Weight: 9 grams