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Tekke" Turkoman Black Cotton "Chyrpy

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A superb Tekke Turkoman “chyrpy”, lavish traditional colourfully embroidered black cotton, long sleeved coat.
A black “chyrpy” is worn traditionally by a young woman, yellow is for middle age and a matriarch wears white.
However the black ones suit all age groups, here in the west!

With very fine Classic burgundy/deep yellow/white silk, hand embroidered borders of checks, flowers and stylized plant forms (some most probably Tulips, as these cloak the barren landscape in a sea of red, symbolizing spring and therefore rebirth.)

This very fine quality of needle work is the best I’ve seen, the sort that is recycled and applied to new coats, as we sometimes see with cherished heirloom cuffs and lapels.

This coat is relatively new but shows no compromise in quality.

The back has vibrant diagonal gussets and a central embroidered growth like a “tree of life”, the front having broad borders of flowers, checks and crosses, very finely embroidered in double chain stitch.
Lined with a faded dull red cotton Russian Print, with blue and olive “paisley”.
Then inside the sleeves are also other prints on a deep burgundy ground, it could easily be worn inside out, if you’re a very creative spirit.
(There are three different prints, used inside it, the reverse of the embroidery, is surprisingly neat with very few cross over threads.)

Traditionally worn by Tekke Turkoman women, over the top of the head/headdress and shoulders, on special occasions, (actually obscuring the “Asyks”, the protective jewellery, worn on the back.)

Consequently, the sleeves are joined, at the wrist, by an embroidered strap, preventing “normal” wear, (you can easily remove this, for use as a belt etc. But you won’t have to unpick the cuffs, of the sleeves, as they aren’t sewn shut. As is often the case.)
The little strap that joins the sleeves has matching embroidery and is lined with a “watermelon” red floral “Russian Print”.
This little strap is a real nuisance when trying to photograph a “chyrpy”, it’s very tempting to unpick it temporarily. Then the coat could be opened out and hung like a kimono, with the sleeves spread.
But with integrity in mind, we try to keep it “intacto”.

Gussets of patterned, deep “terra cotta” cotton, and matching “burgundy” embroidered cuffs, on the sleeves.

Would comfortably fit a medium Woman, (Size 12 or 14?) worn open or wrapped with a sash.
Hem to Collar it measures 95 cm.

Across the shoulders, from cuff to cuff, measures about 164 cm. I say about, as the sleeves are currently joined and difficult to measure.

The cuffs, flattened, are about 11 cm across, the faces embroidered, the backs revealing the striped ground.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: H 95 cm x W 164 cm

Weight: 894 grams

Origin: NE Iran/W Afghanistan