AUD $74.00

Tekke Turkoman, Button

A circular fire gilt silver and amber Tekke Turkoman button.
The gilding, in the form of a simple cross, is very worn and softened with age, the silver quite patinated.
The raised cabachon Baltic Amber bead (most probably traded through Russia, or possibly Turkey,) has been set to resemble an eye, therefore it was obviously worn as protection from the “Evil Eye.”
Note, the fine scratches on the amber’s surface, dulled from wear, visible in “blow ups” but not so obvious in reality.
The reverse has a simple 5mm ring for sewing onto fabric. (but could also, now, be worn on a cord, leather or chain, from the neck.)
Usually these would be applied to clothing, or less seldom hats, as protective decoration, rather than used how we would as a button.
At a diameter of 33 mm, it would be too big for most buttonholes!

Age: Early to Mid 20th Century

Size: Diameter 33 mm

Weight: 4 grams