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Tekke Turkoman Carnelian Ring.

Sorry, this ring is no longer available. However, a very similar one (TR158) may still be.

This very comfortable silver and Carnelian "Tekke" Turkoman ring combines both "fire gilding" and borders of fine squiggly wire filigree with the flat oval stone.

It was probably made in the last decade by refugee silversmiths now working in Afghanistan, we're very happy to support their work and hope by doing so to encourage them to continue making their traditional designs (rather than changing over to tasteless "modern stuff")

On another level this means that whilst a purist can hope to find (and afford) an antique item, these newer Traditional pieces are more available and much more affordable.

These Turkoman rings are a personal favourite of mine and very comfortable on the finger, this one would fit a finger size "RS" (US 8.75) we may also have another of this design in the next size, try TR158.

If you like, a carefull polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" will bring up the contrast, highlighting the fine filigree detail beautifully.

Age: Early 21st Century.

Size: Finger "RS" (US 8.75)

Weight: 10 grams.