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Tekke Turkoman, "dagdan" Pendant.

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An old, hollow, partially “fire gilt”silver Tekke Turkoman breast piece or “dagdan” featuring both flat oval and raised “cabachon” carnelian, amber and lime green glass inserts. The hollow, boxlike construction always reminds me of a violin, even down to the pierced designs cut into it.

These “dagdans” are one of the most exuberant pieces in the Tekke Turkoman parure.
The “dagdan” based as it probably is on the Tsarist double headed Eagle, would have been seen on Tsarist coins and insignia (representing power) even before the Russian invasion and annexing of the Turkoman lands.
Some say that it also includes references to the ancient “Tree of Life”.

The amber, very obviously warding off the roving gaze of the “Evil Eye”, as can be seen by its own eye form, has been imported overland from the Baltic States, either through Russia or Turkey, along very ancient Amber trade routes.

Note the old, primitive tribal linking rings cut from sheet silver and twisted into “jump rings” , I enjoy finding these used, rather than the more modern drawn wire ones.
Some show considerable wear and are thin from rubbing, an original string is linked through all the dangles so that they spread out rather than congest when worn.

An impressive piece destined to be worn to the theatre and other opening nights.
Suspended from an appropriately coloured silk or cotton cord, the suspension holes measure 5 mm in diameter, and are tucked under the two eagle beaks.
The cord could easily be passed through these and accross the back unseen.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: H 240 mm including dangles x W 130 mm.

Weight: 205 grams.