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Tekke Turkoman, Giant Necklace.

Sorry, this magnificent necklace is no longer available.
A necklace with seven extraordinarily large Tekke Turkoman silver barrel beads decorated with dark golden "fire gilt" designs, acting as buffers between these beads are five felt spacers.

Of these six original felt spacers, one is missing, two are plain handmade old burgundy felt, whilst three are still covered with faded brown cotton "button hole" stitch.

The whole string is threaded on a thick natural cord, knotted at the back of the neck. This cord is quite old and worn, but still may be a replacement as it doesn't appear very old but the felt spacers are the best clue and appear to be quite a bit older.

The overall patina is quite dark and would respond well to an occasional restrained polish with a dry "silver polishing cloth" but don't get carried away or you may remove the gilt.

They are heavy but as they are worn on the chest supported by the neck and aren't swinging freely, this weight should be comfortably absorbed.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: L 89 cm x W 45 mm, diam of major beads L 90 mm x W 45 mm. Length of Beads 69 cm, plus20 cm of cord.

Weight: 614 grams