AUD $88.00

Tekke Turkoman, Gilt Silver Ring


A longish lightly "fire gilt" cut out silver Tekke Turkoman ring set with a slightly domed red Carnelian eye.

Sitting flat on a very plain wide (mm) silver band it extends comfortably along the finger.

As well as being lightly engraved and gilded, the face has had "S" designs cut into it adding to its silhouette.

Made in the last decade by refugee silversmiths in Northern Afghanistan using Traditional techniques.

We like to encourage this continuity preserving old techniques and styles that otherwise could disappear.

It should comfortably fit a finger size of about "S" (US9.25) but if that's not you, we may have two other very similar ones, just check in New Arrivals.

Age: Contemporary.

Size: Finger size of about "S" (US9.25)

Weight: 9 grams.