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Tekke Turkoman, Large "gulaka" Pectoral.

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This has to be the largest Tekke Turkoman "gulaka" or breast pendant I've seen, it measures 162 mm across it's face, which is pretty impressive. (Think bread and butter plate!)

A splendid slightly convex, circular silver disc, divided and pierced with small punched openings of specific shapes using more than one punch per hole. (One repeated may even resemble a cow or sheeps head.)

The light "fire gilt" pattern defined by a scribed outline indicates that this piece is Tekke but the domed cabachon translucent red glass stones set in circles indicate a subtribe that doesn't use Carnelian. These glasses catch the light and hold it, adding a glowing "Gothic" blood drop quality to the whole design.

In fact it would very much lend it self to a "Medieval" or "Gothic" outfit, the broad (6.5 mm) suspension ring or tube would only take a fine choker, the tube riuling anything larger out. It's so large it needs to be worn high on the chest close to the throat for maximum effect. A thick black cord tied at the back of the neck would serve well.

This piece is big enough to stand alone in a costume drama, possibly "enhanced" with leather straps crossing the chest ....... even hung on a wall it's large enough to serve as a plaque with a hint of Ikon.

At present most of the silver areas are grey but polish with a dry cloth should burnish the patina on these plain silver parts but don't get too energetic or you may find you're remove some of the gold too. If you want to take it further use a dry "silver polishing cloth" but avoid the gold.

It appears to be in good order except for some very minor fine scratches on a few of the glasses, this is innocent, if it were older these would all be matted with fine scratches.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: Diameter 162 mm.

Weight: 205 grams.