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Tekke Turkoman, Single Row Carnelian Cuff.

Sorry, this nice cuff is no longer available.
Classic Tekke Turkoman Gilt Silver, Single row Carnelian Cuff.

With 2 raised plain silver reinforcing bands, containing 3 flat carnelian ovals, surrounded by “birdlike” scrolls, inscribed into the now very pale and worn “fire gilt” silver.

It’s a comfortable band 32 mm wide on the wrist.

What looks like heavy, solid silver is actually hollow, filled with a reinforcing resin.
There is consequently no bending to fit!

A fairly patinated piece, with sections of the “fire gilt” worn away, creating a fine balance to the decorations. 
The flat oval stones are all unifromly matted, as all of them are finely scratched through long wear.

The gaps, between the three plain silver points on each side, are from 34 mm down to 32 mm apart.

One of the reference books, possibly “World of Bracelets”, said that single row cuffs were not favoured by the Tekke Turkoman themselves, but were made for the West.

Well this one, bought over there, has some age to it, a previous owner has worn it and is easier for us to wear than a multi row one.

In fact it’s very comfortable and comparitively understated, as such it is more versatile to wear.

In excellent condition, (except on the inside you'll notice a crease in the silver at one end where it appears to have buckled slightly when a previous owner has adjusted it for her wrist. Whilst looking terrible this crease doesn't appear to affect it structurally) however DON’T try to Adjust it! (see also its partner TC 208, in last image.)

To get into it try gently wriggling a limp, or relaxed wrist (open hand, loose fingers) into the gap,
slowly wobbling or rolling the hand from side to rather than pushing.
Do it just behind that knobbly bone,
on your lower fore arm,
where you only have two bones to negotiate,
not lower, where all your tendons are !
Any force, tension or pushing tightens your tendons.
Just look at the difference on your tendons, as you open and close your fingers.

Age: Mid/Late 20th century.

Size: L 61 mm x W 48 mm (internal/wrist) L 68 mm x W 32 mm (external measure.)

Weight:  86 grams