AUD $220.00

Uzbek Quilted Cotton Coat

A comfy, quilted cotton, long sleeved gown, with what I assume is a Russian printed cotton with “Red Paeony” blooms, and two toned Olive leaves, on a muted Black ground. The vertical rows, of quilting stitches, are Olive, giving it an overall tone.

The inside flaps have similiar Paeonies, on a deep Royal Blue ground. The lining is Olive. I assume you’d wear it open over another outfit, so it’s really the arms that must fit.
This is a lovely, comfortable example of an Uzbek gown where the flowers are worn on the outside.

Richer Uzbeks wore these Russian prints on the inside with more expensive silk ikats or brocades on the outside, as they’ve become more Westernized (in Russia?) in their dress, the less financial Uzbeks have continued wearing the flowers on the outside, usually lining it with stripes or plain colours.
These florals are becoming collectable in their own right, often turning up as backings on Lakai Uzbek embroideries and inside Turkoman bags.

Cuff to cuff it’s 130 cm, hem to neck it’s 90.5 cm. Would comfortably fit a smaller woman, size 8 or 10.

Age: Mid /late 20th century.

Size: L 90.5 cm x W 130 cm

Weight: 620 grams