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Tekke" Turkoman Black Cotton "Chyrpy

Tekke Turkoman “chyrpy”, traditional colourfully embroidered black cotton, long sleeved coat.
With Classic burgundy/yellow/white silk, hand embroidered borders of checks, flowers and stylized plant forms (some most probably Tulips.)
The back is almost plain, the front having broad borders embroidered in double chain stitch.
Lined in a Russian Cotton “rose” printed, dull burgundy cotton, inside the sleeves are “roses” on a deep navy blue, could easily be worn inside out, if you’re a very creative spirit. (There are four different prints, used inside it, the reverse of the embroidery, with many cross over threads, is crazed!)
Traditionally worn by Tekke Turkoman women, over the top of the head/headdress and shoulders, on special occasions, (actually obscuring the “Asyks”, the protective jewellery, worn on the back.) Consequently, the sleeves are joined, at the wrist, by an embroidered strap, preventing “normal” wear, (you can easily remove this, for use as a belt etc. but you’ll also have to unpick the cuffs, of the sleeves, as one is still sewn shut/probably so “Evil” can’t get in, to lurk.)
Gussets of dull “pinkish/clay” cotton, and matching embroidered cuffs, on the sleeves. Would comfortably fit a smallish Woman, (Size 8 or 10.) worn open or wrapped with a sash.
Currently there is a tear (about 150 mm/ 6 inch.) under the sleeve, not a lot to fix, you CAN do a running repair, you’ll be surprised. And, as it’s out of sight, you’ll get away with any level of sewing skills, or lack of, you’ll be able to truthfully boast that ”I sewed this!
Hem to Collar it measures 95 cm, accross the shoulders about 40 cm. The sleeves I haven’t attempted. Size: 8 or 10.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: H 95 cm x W


Origin: NE Iran/W Afghanistan