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Turkoman Embroidered Silk Coat

Sorry, this lovely old coat is no longer available. We may however have other coats.

A rich “Beetle Green” Silk Turkoman Coat, with “terracotta” embroidered cuffs and a fully embroidered collar, there’s a fairly plain burgundy striped cotton lining.
And a Russian printed cotton, pale striped “Fake Ikat” front flap lining, produced in Russia for re-export to the provinces. (where it was originally grown.)

This lining isn’t normally visible, unless it flaps open, and that’s when it’s astounding!

In good condition, but be careful washing, colours could easily run (it’s silk!). You’ll probably need to gently iron it when it arrives (check how before you do please, no steam) and it will look much better than in our photos.
The coursely handspun and woven silk, has an extraordinary green that I can only liken to beetles wings, being hand dyed it has minor colour variance which combined with it’s triangular inserts has an almost saharan feel.

Lurking deep inside there are even some Russian printed “Coral Roses”, always a bonus, and now getting more noticed. It’s said this random collage of different fabrics is intentional, and possibly based on Dervish patchwork robes, their are parallels in Japanese Buddhist Priests’ patchworks too.

Wear it inside out if you dare!

Quite delightful, for a smaller woman, it has a lightness.

For the Turkophile, check the embroidered collar!
These are recycled, sewn onto newer coats as the embroidery is highly valued.

The most accurate colour, of the green, is in the full length shot.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: 160.5 cm across shoulder from wrist to wrist.

Weight: 575 grams.