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Pashtun Swat Valley Cushion Cover

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Double sided, fully embroidered Rectangular Cotton Cushion cover.
With brilliant, rich coral/magenta/purple/crimson silk floss “phulkari” stitched floral posies, in an overall geometric grid.

Joined all round by black buttons and black woolen braid forming button holes, so you can very easily unbutton it and make two single sided cuhions from it. (With a skerrick of sewing skills, which I’m sure you have.)

The silk floss colours are brilliant, glowing in the light, (the photos don’t show the full reflective glow that only silk creates) but they will fade if left in sunlight too long.
They mellow well though, it’s up to you.

Silk floss is the silk taken from cocoons that have been damaged by the caterpillar chewing its way out during emergence. This shorter thread is utilized in embroidery rather than weaving which requires the longer thread.

The tassels are rather plain black wool, with no age yet, but it’s the silk embroidery that’s special, these tassels fall out of sight in use.

Age: Mid/ Late 20 th Century.

Size: L 71 cm x W 34.5 cm (excluding 10 cm tassels.

Weight: 203 grams