AUD $200.00

Pashtun Swat Valley Silk Embroidered Cushion Cover

Double sided, embroidered Rectangular Handspun Cotton Cushion cover.
With a restrained palette of mainly deep crimson/burgundy/violet/light olive/marigold silk floss satin stitched “phulkari” stylized foliage and floral posies in an overall geometric grid.

Joined all round, with black buttons and black woolen braid forming button holes, on one end.

The silk colours are subdued and the front completely embroidered surface has some old stains and the cotton has a buff, older more mellow tone.

The reverse is whiter, and is almost plain with only a 3cm border embroidered and one small central motif.

Very knocked and worn tassels adorn each corner, charming in their own right, though you might want to do something with the silver foil (?)
These silk colours will fade more, if left in sunlight too long. They do mellow well though, it’s up to you.

Silk floss is the silk taken from cocoons that have been damaged by the caterpillar chewing its way out during emergence. This shorter thread is utilized in embroidery rather than weaving which requires the longer thread.

This cushion and SV 100, would make a beautiful “phulkari” suite together.

The backing colour is most accurate in the first image, the embroidery in the second.

Age: Early/Mid 20 th Century.

Size: L 80 cm x W 38.5 cm, excluding tassels (17 cm each.)

Weight: 237 grams