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Pashtun Small Decorative Toran

A joyous, fun mini “toran” (doorway decoration) this one made for the wall or for a shrine or niche.
Then again it is just the right size to be worn on a camel’s forehead, or nose and I’ve just received a card with a photo of this, but it might be the work of a stylist(?)

Lots of finely couched silver and gold thread, small “shisha” mirrors and tiny protective blue glass beads.

Vibrant red and pink fringes and 5 tassels with "_gilit"_ alloy (white metal) caps.

Hang it up. Sew it on to a bag, cushion, clothing, think laterally, it deserves it.

Check the reverse to glimpse the stitches involved in the couching.

It’s relatively new, but is so exuberant that it wants to get out and be seen.

Age: Late 20 th Century.

Size: W 374 mm x H 25 mm

Weight: 196 grams