AUD $120.00

Lakai Uzbek "Ikat" hat

Old Lakai Uzbek Pill Box Hat, genuine Uzbek “Ikat” fabric, over embroidered, with silks in shades of mulberries, whites and pinks, some black and a hint of yellow.
Subdued, faded pink Russian floral print cotton inside.
Women make extra cash selling these hats and purses they’ve made, in the market, for local consumption.
It was worn tribally, not just made for tourists, probably in the sixties, or seventies, consequently some minor stains and occasional loose threads, are evident.
This old Genuine Ikat has been repeatedly sewn, to create a reinforcing quilting, the colours have a subdued “chaotic restraint”.
Woven “Genuine Ikat”, recycled from an old Ikat Chapan (coat,)as opposed to the fake printed “false ikat” produced in Russia to export specifically to the Uzbek market.

Around the rim, is a strong band of finely finger stitched “rams’ horn” or “camel’s neck” designs.

For the Artist, or Collector, of any gender.

This hat was probably made around 1960/70, although the old faded Russian print cotton lining looks older.

(See book “Uzbek Skullcaps” for other unobtainable examples.)

Size: Diameter is approximately 282mm. (11.5ins.)

Age: Mid 20th Century. (Perhaps Earlier?)

Weight: 92 grams