AUD $140.00

Turkoman Very old embroidered "Yomud" Skullcap

Fully embroidered in dull Flesh, Gold, Black, Navy and Ivory Silk chain stitch, on to a faded Burgundy “floral” cotton print base, some of the rim is disintegrating, or shall we say “a little ragged”!

If you like faded, old, “au natural”, then this is a little gem, the inside is so worn, that a lot of the coarse beige cotton is gone, what’s left is where the embroidery holds it in place.

To an Artist, this eroded interior is fascinating and beautiful, the inside, is a thing of beauty, in it’s own right, it reminds me, of the Incan mummy, wrapping textiles.

Surprisingly the embroidered exterior is in good condition, (allowing for years of running repairs, and the fact it is completely handsewn.)

It’s been worn, and worn, and worn by one owner for a very long time. (See “Uzbekistan” T&H.)

I asssume a collector, will want this piece, but if you’re planning to wear it, it’s a snug fit.

Age: Early/Mid 20 th Century.

Size: The circumference is about 610 mm (24 ins.)

Weight: 59 grams