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Lakai Uzbek Koran Bag

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A smallish hexagonal bag, with extensive Lakai Uzbek, restrained crosstitch embroidery, crocheted fringe and applied tassells.
There is a slight dullness or restraint, in the colours chosen.

The threads used to embroider it have an “abrash” of colour variation, the indigo blue, for example, is like well washed denim, the eye is excited by this variation and drawn all over the design.
Anahita Gallery, says of Lakai Uzbek embroidery, “.. multiple horns extend from diamond shaped or square centers (sic), and smaller elements fill the corners..”
That pretty well describes this bag exactly.
On closer inspection, I think the plush red/orange velvet reverse, is a replacement.
This velvet is traditionally used by nomads, for the backs of bags, which get rubbed more, as it is felt to wear better, when rubbing constantly ie during migration to Summer/Winter pastures, when it would be suspended from pack animals.
So, it then appears that this bag is older, having had it’s back replaced for some reason, but the rest all being intact.
The strap handles hint at this, too.

Could be a mirror or Koran Bag, (Abdul suggests this is a Koran Bag) designed to contain and protect something special, that is in turn carried and stored suspended.

I especially like these handles/straps, which have hand embroidered “zhiak” braid, backed with old warm Floral Russian printed cotton.
These straps are sewn together at the top, for neater suspension, but also specifically restricting the enclosed item.

A web or crocheted mesh edging suspends small tassels, three of which are missing, you could re-arrange them, to fill the slight gap, if driven too, the collector will, I suspect, leave them in place.
One in coming off, tore the webbing very slightly, you could …. look inside to decode the replaced back.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: W 43 cm x H 58 cm

Weight: 225 grams