AUD $140.00

Lakai Uzbek Tent Band

This Lakai Uzbek piece is a very useful, continuous length of crosstitch embroidery.
It probably served like a “tent band”, for wrapping around or tying down.
Whilst, of course, adding colour and protection.
One end has a definitive end border, the other is open, so it may have been cut down, at some stage (which leads to the tent band theory?)
All softly faded, the central ground is not Black, but a deep Charcoal Grey, verging on Burnt Umber. “Abrash” variations in the colours, soften the overall pattern, which would have been very dynamic, with what appears to be multiple arrows.

Hand stitched borders, imitating “zhiak” (braid/trim) help enclose the main design subject. These bands are often cut up to make small bags, but also appear to be an easy, portable form to work with, ie continuous lengths, that can be rolled.
I’ve seen these bands joined together, most successfully, to fill larger areas.

Note please: on the reverse, “someone” has sadly, used a blue ballpoint pen, to write the price in two or three places, (see last/reverse image.)

For personal home use, this wouldn’t matter.
But, if you were to give it, or resell it, it would.

Age: Late 20 th Century.

Size: L 132.5 cm x W 85 cm

Weight: 120 grams