AUD $120.00

Lakai Uzbek Embroidered Hanging

A decorative Lakai Uzbek, crosstitch embroidered vertical panel, with a double row of suspended tassels, with old, quite knocked ‘gilit’ alloy beads.
And tiny protective white glass beads, worked into the tassels.
Two dynamic black diamonds, stacked vertically, surrounded by razor ribbon (?) with inset ram’s horns.

An interesting, muted colour scheme of subdued red burgundy, faded emerald, rich yellow and soft indigo blue, defined by the black borders.
Fully embroidered, including these borders, imitating ‘zhiak’ braid, but wait, then they’ve applied a wavy black and white cotton braid (“Dipchak Rik Rak”almost Swiss or Alpine! but somehow effective.)

This piece appears to be relatively new, with older, possibly Turkoman twisted tassels, utilizing old silver alloy beads, look inside to see original unfaded tassel colour, protected from the sun.
Topped with a muted plain red cotton, that would easily fold down, to hang on a wall.
You could attach it to a bag front, but consolidate the tassel junctures first, and strengthen them lengthwise.

One tassel missing on right, though once again, it’s not drastic, right/left one missing on each, it has a certain symmetry.

This piece is almost a pair to LB 104, they’d easily match, the design is basically the same, the colours and the added braid making the difference.

Oh, and one has velvet, this one has a red cotton extension, but I’d fold them both over, so it wouldn’t be an issue.

Age: Late 20 th Century.

Size: W 17.5 cm x L 47 cm embroidery and tassels, extra 17 cm of red cotton flap.

Weight: 263 grams