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Tibetan Long "Dzi" Bead Ring.

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This silver ring is set with a very long batik dyed bone copy of a much sort after Tibetan "Dzi" bead (also known  as a "Tzi" bead) this one exhibiting a central double bull's eye (in effect warding off the evil eye) and stripes.

It's not stamped but looks to be sterling silver and would have been made for tourists, stamping is an optional extra, not always done.

(I remember over there saying "but it's not stamped" to a reputable supplier of mine. "Oh, if you want it, I can get that done....").

The band is plain silver tapering at the back to 4 mm, at its narrowest. On either side is an engraved dragon's head.

Genuine "Dzi" beads are ancient, being both highly prized and priced (and also as a result often faked) These batiked copies of "Dzi" beads, are made using a wax resist drawn on the bone, then it's soaked in strong cold tea to stain the bone. This tea dying is an old technique used on both bone and ivory. These are made actually for Tribal wear, copying the ancient fossilized wooden "Pumtek" beads from Burma, which in turn copied the Tibetan "Dzi" beads, but that's another story.

Consequently you DON'T wear them in hot soapy water or chemicals strong enough to remove a tea stain.

In normal wear though they are quite O.K. although treated rough or carelessly it could scratch.

I'm assuming this ring was made by Tibetan Refugee Silversmiths working , probably, in Nepal.

Age: Contemporary

Size: L 49 mm x W 28 mm, to fit a finger size "Z" (US 12.5)

Weight: 20 grams.