AUD $290.00

Tibetan, Mosaic & Silver Necklace


Sorry, this necklace is no longer available. We may however, still have some similar pieces onsite soon.

Another rather nice contemporary "Tibetan" Mutli Strand Necklace with chased silver units inlaid with mosaics and panels of Turquoise and Red Coral chips. These are threaded onto multi strands of matte "faux" Turquoise and shiny glass "faux" Red Corals.

I'm assuming it was made by Tibetan refugee silversmiths working in Nepal, for the Western market, as it sits well, is lighter and isn't expensive. It's stamped 925 so it's Sterling Silver made with you in mind.

The central inlaid "horse shoe" pendant is vaguely like a Navajo "squash blossom" motif, it might be a coincidence or a cross cultural "hybrid" blossoming (?) see-ing that "squash blossoms" are derived from Islamic/Moorish pomegranates brought with the Spanish that only seems fair.

To polish it, eventually, should you decide to, gently use a dry Silver Polishing Cloth, not a liquid.

It's threaded on multi stranded stainless steel "tiger tail" which is very strong but can stretch and get permanent kinks, SO DON'T SCRUNCH IT UP.

This threading is interesting, as they have gone to the trouble of soldering seperate silver tubes to the back of each mosaic panel, acting like channels to take the seperate threads.

We may still have some other variations of this neck available, see also TN112 and TN114

Age: Contemporary

Size: L 420 mm x W 53 mm (Central silver pendant H 53 mm x W 40 mm.)

Weight: 46 grams.