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Bhutanese, Multi Turquoise Wrist Cuff.

 Sorry, this Turquoise cuff is no longer available. But you may want to check the other Bhutanese cuffs we have.

 A fairly broad Bhutanese silver wristcuff with on either side of the gap,  three soft orange old corals, set end on with pins, two domed shiny silver "bosses" (with some knocks evident, one seriously dented, ultimately adding character as they oxidize)

 On the front of the wrist there are four rows of about 112 variously coloured small roundish Turquoises each set into a silver bezel, these are individually surrounded with fine wire filigree, interspersed with granulation. The overall effect is reptilian, resembling a "Turquoise Crocodile Skin" picked out with shiny silver granules where a light polish has shone the raised silver details.

There are also 4 groups of 3 mellow orange (old) round corals set end on with pins, as highlights amidst the turquoises.

The inside worn against the wrist is smooth, shiny silver with a forest of swirling chiselled foliage and animals, featuring a lion and what might be a dragon.

This cuff obviously CANNOT be adjusted so DON'T even try. (And the stones are traditionally set, which can mean using a bituminous resin, in normal wear this is both strong and secure, but can melt if the cuff were left in hot sun or on a window sill in extreme heat....)

The gap measures 22 mm, so you need to be able to wriggle a relaxed wrist through that space, the interior measures about  63 mm x  51 mm, circumference approx. 184 mm, so try running a tape measure or cord round your wrist to get an idea.

I assume this cuff was made in Bhutan or by Tibetans working in Nepal, and as such encourages them to work in Traditional styles and techniques.

Whilst not an exact pair to this cuff, you might also be interested in TC122 and TC124, even TC121, if they're still available. (See the last image on the right for a comparison.)

Age: Contemporary.

Size: External L 76 mm x W 67 mm x D  24 mm. (Internal L 63 mm x W 51 mm.)

Weight: 74 grams.