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Tibetan, Pale Coral Ring.

Sorry, this fascinating ring is on its way to a new home.

This old adjustable silver saddle ring from Tibet isn't what it seems. (on more than one level!)

Firstly, it isn't a finger ring. Well, not originally.

These pieces were worn by Kham tribesmen (yes, men) in Eastern Tibet, suspended in their hair. Slid onto a plait and adjusted if need be, they were worn for their Amuletic Protective powers, defending the wearer from attack from the rear by Demons.

Secondly, the three soft pale pink corals are very gentle in pale flesh tones;

  • one rectangle,with a central fine crack,
  • one circular bead set with its hole in the centre. 
  • But the smallest, a cylindrical bead on its side is too perfect and is the same size and shape as "Mountain Coral" glass copies. (See the article on "Coral" in our blog.) It however is the same shade as the others leading me to believe that they are old, pale and original. Otherwise, initially I was suspicious they were faded "Bamboo Coral" which would have been a worry.

This ring is not really made for a finger, but would fit a fairly large one sized about “X” (US 12) and is probably not adjustable. If need be for a minor adjustment I'd take it to a Silversmith, but demand that he doesn't polish it.  They just do it automatically, not imagining you could object!

Don’t go washing the Coral, you might remove the dark age, that has built up in the grooves.

An occasional careful polish with a dry Silver Polishing cloth will maintain the contrast in the design beautifully. I think it's ready for a polish and have only left it so you can judge its age. If you want we can polish it for you before we despatch it to you. It will look wild!

Age: Early/Mid 20th Century.

Size: Fits a finger about a size "X" (US 12)

Weight: 33 grams.