AUD $540.00

Tibetan, Old Knife and Sheath.

This short but solid Tibetan knife with scabbard of wood  covered in engraved steel, textured leather and bound with dull tarnished brass with copper rivets, then set with studs of rich old red coral. (These are everpresent protecting the wearer from attacks by Demons and the general perils of survival in the mountains.)

The flaring pommel is engraved steel with a panel of horn (bufalo ?) in the grip, this has a hole right through it that must have served a purpose as it isn't decorative.

I particularly like how the steel runs the length of the back of the sheath from the tip to the top where it turns back on itself forming a loop the attaches the ring and its handstitched leather strap for hanging from the belt. (This strap is split in three places held together with two rivets.)

The very solid blade has a deep groove and is beginning to show some minor oxidation, a light oil should fix this, though.

It's Tibetan culturally but may just as easily have come from Ladakh, Nepal or even Mongolia . We found it in Kathmandu, whence it started out from, I can't say with certainty.

Age: Early/Mid 20th Century.

Size: L 224 mm x W 30 mm

Weight: 145 grams