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Tibetan Turquoise Earstuds

 Sorry, this pair of studs are no longer available. We may however have some other similar ones.

This pair of almost flat, organically pentagonal, olive toned Ladakhi Turquoise slices have been hand mounted for us as Sterling Silver Earstuds with a fine edge of twisted wire filigree, which reminds me of "navajo" pieces. Now, I mention Ladakhi Turquoise as these may actually be the two halves of a sliced Ladakhi bead, these are sold from a woman's "perak" (headdress) where they are worn as her banking, to be removed and sold when she needs some cash. They may not be but the colour is the same, and the shape is feasible, too.

The light and dark gentle milky green lichens floating in a "burnt umber" matrix. The greens of the Turquoise may be due to it's Iron content or it may have been enhanced by grease or grime acquired through long wear. Whatever the reason I chose these stones because of their individual tone and patterning which you won't find in the plainer blue turquoises from Iran and Arizona.

The long soft silver stud will easily bend as it is good quality soft Silver, so don't be rough with them or squash them through careless carrying or storage. (If you do need to adjust them, hesitate and do it gently once, not repeatedly as you will create a weak spot in the silver which will inevitably break ... so use a little care.)

These studs are fairly long (16 mm) so if you think them too long for you then measure your favourites and let us know their length as we can shorten these for you.

Having said that, all the usual Turquoise warnings of don't wear them showering or swimming, as chlorine and soap can both affect their colour, also apply.

Be gentle, when you carefully use a dry Silver polishing Cloth to bring up the detail in the wire twist, as you need to support the stud rather than holding onto it, to avoid stressing it.

And this stud has specifically been placed off centre so that the stone hangs uniformly in wear, rather than rotating annoyingly, which it would on a central stud.

Age: Contemporary

Size: L  25 mm x  H 123 mm.

Weight:  15 grams