AUD $120.00

Tibetan Turquoise Ring

A very boldly patterned small oval Tibetan Turquoise, set in a stylish plain Sterling Silver Ring.
The broad band tapers down from the oval stone giving a very simple, comfortable ring similar in effect to a signet ring, but with a raised dome of delicious rich Turquoise. This style is rather hard to measure accurately, so I’m listing an ”about size”, to fit a finger sized about N (U.S. 6)

Think deep Teal with very pale lengthwise stripes overlaid with a black tree silhouette, very rich and almost intense, the first photo is closest in colour but not quite bold enough, the pale should be
even paler!

Each of these stones is an individual, choose the one you love and if it gets onto your hand, you’ll be right. As fingers swell and shrink with the heat and weather conditions, these factors will decide which of your fingers is the correct one, at any given time. Then again if you love it and it doesn’t fit a skilled Silversmith can easily resize it for you.

If you love this stone, then avoid greasy, dirty washing up water, hand creams, hot soapy water, gardening and chemical cleaners as all these can affect the colour of a Turquoise, as it is slightly porous and a little soft.