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Tibetan Agate "Dzi" Bead Ring


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This heavy silver ring is set with a bleached Dark Agate copy of a much sort after Tibetan "Dzi" bead (also known as a "Tzi" bead) this one exhibiting an unusual deeply contrasting pattern on  a rounded surface. It's not stamped but looks to be sterling silver and would have been made for tourists, stamping is an optional extra, not always done.

(I remember over there saying "but it's not stamped" to a reputable supplier of mine. "Oh, if you want it, I can get that done....").

Genuine "Dzi" beads are ancient and highly prized and priced (also as a result often faked) 

This traditionally bleached Agate copy of a "Dzi" bead, was made by painting the design in a Nitrate mix onto a dark or coloured Agate, this is then baked bleaching the colour from the design.

This technique for making "Dzi" Beads dates back to the Indus Valley Civilisation from whence the finished beads were traded up into Tibet and as far as Mesopotamia and the Meditteranean.

A close look at the surface of the bead will reveal fine circular pitting, this is indicative of great age, but is applied to a good fake like this one using punches or rollers. (I could be wrong but I think it's a copy, but a good one!)

In normal wear this stone will be quite O.K. although treated roughly or carelessly it could scratch this textured surface.

The silver work is chunky with applied flattened disks and is probably Afghan.

Age: Contemporary

Size: L 26 mm x W 23 mm, to fit a finger size "W" (US 11.25 )

Weight: 20 grams.