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Tiger Eye, "Kwan Yin" Pendant.

 This tear drop shaped Golden Tiger Eye pendant set in an elegantly simple sterling silver outline.

The stone was cut in China and has a finely carved seated "Kwan Yin" (Buddhist Goddess of Mercy) on its front face. One of the attractions of Tiger Eye is how when you move it in the light, the satiny stone responds playing, glistening and changing as you move it.

The reverse is very simple, being open, showing the plain flat backed stone and can be worn that way as an alternative.

This very neat silver setting was done by hand for us in Indonesia.

The hinged, broad, hand beaten silver suspension ring has a 6 mm opening and would easily take a chain, cord or thin choker.

Age: Contemporary.

Size: H 56 mm x W24 mm x D 9 mm.

Weight: 16 grams