AUD $140.00

Tiger Eye Monkey Pendant


A seated Chinese Monkey carved in fine detail from Tiger Eye, hand set into a Sterling Silver Pendant for us in Indonesia.

Some care and thought went into the carving as it has taken advantage of the naturally occurring layers in the Tiger Eye, cutting into them so that the Monkey is sitting on a leafy branch in a glowing dusk on a darker base. 

I'm not sure which of the Chinese monkeys this one represents, possibly the Year, perhaps that's something for you to research after you've bonded.

Remember, that Tiger Eye is relatively soft so don't treat it roughly, to avoid damage to the carving I'd wrap it seperately in a cloth or bag for storage.

The hinged silver suspension ring measures 7 mm across, so it will take most chains, cords or chokers.

An occasional careful polish with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth will remove any excess Silver Oxide when needed but I would avoid using liquids or dips.

Age: Contemporary

Size: H 59 mm x W 36 mm

Weight: 24 grams