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Tourmaline Cabachon Necklace.

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This subtly feminine necklace has smooth oval cabachon Tourmalines carefully arranged by size with graduated colours, seperated with smaller specifically placed Tourmalines in complimentary colours. Delightfully coloured they have each been polished (or handfaceted as the small ones are) in India, then restrung very sensitively for us by a friend in Thailand with small plain, 22 ct Gold plated Sterling Silver spacer beads 
closed with a round Sterling Silver bolt ring (but if you'd prefer a gold plated silver bolt ring let us know.)

These delightfully, mildly coloured stones range through so many shades of olive greens, pinks, grapes, topazes and even teals with some even exhibiting more than one colour. Tourmalines come in an extraordinary range of colours and this string has been threaded to show them all off to their best advantage. You'll enjoy just looking at them, especially when they are backlit and the subtle colours mean that this necklace has so many neutrals you can wear it with a wide range of outfits and therefore often, and easily.

We've used durable multi stranded Tiger Tail to thread them, which is the strongest we can get, however DON'T stretch or scrunch it as you can irreparably kink it if you do.

The sterling silver beads are young and still shiny, however when they do start to oxidize they will respond well to a gentle polishing (of each bead whilst holding the stones on either side firmly) with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" but don't bend or stretch it by rubbing too hard.

We particularly like Tourmalines and each string is a delight, I lose myself in them and have done since Pete introduced me to them some 30 years ago. Liking them so much we try to get them made up for us a few times each year, consequently if you miss out on this string you may get another chance, just let us know. However, this is the first like this that we've been able to get.

Age: Contemporary

Size: L 465 mm x W 12 mm. (Largest cabachon bead L 21mm x W 12 mm, smallest cabachon L 11 mm, the facets are smaller about 2-3 mm.)

Weight: 44 grams.