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Uighir, Carnelian and Silver Ring

A matte red Carnelian (Red agate), flattish oval set in a solid looking, embossed ring, with three borders of “diamonds” and “dots” against a dark oxidized background. (I think it’s possibly from Kasghar, on the Silk Route, in far Western China, near Khirgiztan, but could also be from Iran/Pakistan.)

The actual ring has a circular aperture, truncated by the flat back of the stone, hard to size accurately.
It fits a medium, fleshy finger, a little more than a size “N” (US 17) knuckle, but there is room for more flesh possibly up to up to “P” (US 18.) Could easily be worn by either gender, the contrast of the polished silver/oxide is very impressive either way.
The stone is slightly cushioned and has many tiny scratches, giving it a matt finish.

Age: Late 20 th Century.

Size: Oval Stone L 16 mm (0.6 ins.) x W 13 mm (0.5 ins.) Silver W 25 mm. (1 ins.)