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Tribal Ear Hoops or Cuffs.

Sorry, these mysterious earrings are no longer available.
I find this pair of very solid old Tribal Earcuffs fascinating, but still have no definite identification for them. This is the only pair we've found (in Pakistan) and I've found nothing to compare them to in books.

A very lightly gilded (or brass) solid crescent with an engraved silver dome inset with a small Turquoise at one end and a truncated cube at the other This cube is faced with an engraved heart inset with tiny two Rubies (one of which is missing) and a tiny Turquoise. 

Connecting and wrapping the shaft  are coiled spirals of wire threaded with small Turquoise coloured Glass beads (these are stronger than an equivalent bead in Turquoise, and have consequently lasted longer than if they were genuine.)

There is a genuine subdued almost brassy patina that does not require and wouldn't appreciate polishing.

They may be plated or lightly gilded but I think their charm, as with most old Tribal Jewellery, is more about their genuine age and novelty rather than the material they are made from.

It's up to you how you would wear them, or even where you would wear them, I imagine it will be a Collector who snaps them up rather than a Wearer, we'll see.

("Have you got any Genuine Tribal Earrings for non pierced ears?")

Having said that, the Turquoise bead in the middle of the dome would be hidden if worn as a clip or cuff. So-o-o it might be that the spiral wire is used to lock the cube onto the shaft after the shaft has been pushed through the lobe (?) That way both decorative faces would be visible from the front, and the whole thing worn the other way up, hmmmm.

Age: Mid 20th Century, possibly earlier.

Size: H 39 mm x W 31 mm.

Weight: 25 grams (pair) 12/13 grams (each.)