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Ladakhi Hair Ornament, Silver and Turquoise

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Old “shunga” with repousee silver rectangle, and 8 “ravioli” bells on dangly chains. At top a round silver filigree flower has a pale blue “turquoise” dome (it could be a ceramic with worn glaze?)
Chased borders surround a central four petalled flower, obviously a Buddhist auspicious symbol.There’s an old mellow patina to the silver.
Traditionally in Ladakh, in Northern India, the side of the head is enhanced by wearing one of these silver “shunga” next to the strands of Red Coral, that compliment the “perak” (Perak are the famous traditional womens’ snakes head headress, usually drenched in kilos of rich Turquoises.) these “shunga” silver decorations are worn behind the Black ear flaps that emphasize the snake head feel of the headress.
In good condition overall except one filigree loop is not fully attached (right bottom, supporting the extreme bell.
It’s still there but only fully attached at one of two points, still functional. (It’s old!) Note heavy oxidation.
Could be worn as a pendant, from a thin choker because of it’s length or displayed hanging.

Age: Early/Mid 20 th century.

Size: L 156 mm x W 43 mm

Weight: 37 grams