AUD $120.00

Kazak, Gilt Silver and Turquoise Earhooks

An impressive, but wearable, pair of either Turkoman or Kazak earhooks. Silver with partial “fire gilding”, and a border of small “turquoise “domes, in various shades of blues and greens. ( I can’t make my mind up about these, they could be either. However, the Turkomans don’t use much turquoise, so I suspect they’re Kazak. The gilt symbol hints at that too. But … what the heck… they look great. ) They’re hollow, raised resembling a hot air balloon, with slight fluting and a gilt “hook ” design, it could be an eagles head(?) Extra stability is gained, with the long wire/hook, a little thick, almost 1 mm, but not excessive, an experienced lobe will cope. They aren’t as heavy as they look, being hollow and well designed, therefore not heavy.

Age: Late 20 th Century.
Size: L 77mm x W 36mm