AUD $120.00

Kazak, Carnelian and Silver Earhooks

Wearable wide silver Kazak tear drop ear hooks with central flat Carnelian “tear drop” (could be a resin substitute (?) which would be lighter to wear, anyway.) with borders of false granulation wedges.
Both good detail and colour, not old, but the detail is defined by light oxidation. You could comfortably polish these to bring up this detai furtherl.
Not heavy, but the hook is about 1 mm thick, 2 or 3 times normal wires, so not for beginners, (unless they have worn biggish earrings, and/or use a little vaseline, we’re told it helps.)
L 84 mm (3.3 ins, including hook.) x W 32 mm (1.25 ins.)

Age: Late 20th century.

Size: W 32 mm x H 84 mm

Weight: 23 grams