AUD $140.00

Kazak, Garnet and Pearl Earrings

Smaller but still a superb pair of gilt silver ears.
Each with wedges of silver false granulation, two small domed garnets and six knobbly baroque pearls on wire wrapped dangles.
Very similar to Tekke Turkoman work.
Hanging from an original, normal thickness silver hook.
Not heavy as they are hollow, reverse is same as front. Some grime adds to the romance, and purists will appreciate this.
We haven’t polished these and they have “pockets” of grime in corners and covering some of the garnet, a cotton bud with warm soapy water, should gradually reduce this layer, don’t get carried away.

Age: Late 20th century.

Size: L 79 mm x W 26 mm

Weight: 18 grams