AUD $220.00

Kazak, Silver and Glass Pendant

An impressively large, round silver pendant, covered in fine silver wire filigree patterns, enclosing a raised central red glass disc.
Enhanced with nine small embossed gilt sun discs, against a dark oxidized background.
On the top, two closely spaced broad suspension rings (8mm) could comfortably take a cord or chain.
It’s probably filled/reinforced with resin, as it is solidly weighty.
The back is too shiny for it to be very old, probably late last century.
The front however has a nice relaxed patina.
A careful polish with a dry cloth would pick out the detail, if you like to.
Some minor wear to the filigree detail, but hardly worth mentioning.

Age: Late 20 th Century

Size: W 74 mm x H 85 mm

Weight: 78 grams